Weekend Reads #105


Happy Friday Readers,

Many people are off work here in the UK for Good Friday to start that long Easter weekend and of course that means an extended weekend of reading. With my husband getting some time off this Easter break I will be focusing a lot of my time on painting and decorating my house but in the spare time I will be making a point of starting that anticipated TBR pile for the new month ahead. There is something exciting about picking a few books out to focus on in a new month and with April right around the corner I have my eyes on some books for the new month.

The Hate You Give

This weekend will be about finishing off the current reads and I want to read more of The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I know this book has got a lot of praise over the past few months about its topic, plot and the writing. There is no denying this book is thought-provoking and I feel submerged in a world I did not fully understand however this book is opening my eyes. With that in mind I can only read a few chapters of this book at a time, it is heart-breaking and filled with the reality that America is currently facing with the unjust treatment of individuals because of the colour of their skin.  This book is just honest as not only are you seeing into the lives of victims and their families but it captures the anger, the communities and the even the emotions of the police officers involved. It is a very hard book to focus on for large periods of time which is why I have been taking my time with it. Over the next few days I want to spend time reading this book and admiring the reality is portrays.

So readers I hope you have a fantastic weekend, over the next few days my snack piles will increase with chocolate eggs and chocolate bars so I really have no excuse to read when I have plenty of fuel to go with it. Have a great weekend!


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