Daily Reads #129


Hi Readers,

Moment of truth…I am in a reading slump!

I need to spend the next few days climbing out of this reading rut and finding my way back to the books. Luckily I have a lot of books on the bedside table that I have started and not finished this past while so I have plenty of choice to get me back on track for April.

The Belles

Thinking of the books I have started and not finished makes me want to drop all of my responsibilities and run to my current reading pile as it’s still piled high with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Belles and Shatter Me. Yet reading slumps are so strange, I know there are great reads waiting for me and yet I just want to lie there and stare at the ceiling…what is that all about? So I am off to make a cup of tea and read for the rest of the evening, if anyone has any tips on climbing out of my anti-reading slump and into my usual book-conquering body please send them my way.

I hope your reading week is going well. I have a few reviews to share this week so check back!


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