Always and Forever Lara Jean – Jenny Han

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I can remember the first time I read a Jenny Han novel with The Summer I Turned Pretty and falling head over heels in love.  I was addicted to the story and absorbed by the characters that I devoured the entire series. As soon as I finished The Summer I Turned Pretty I ordered To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and haven’t looked back again.

Always and Forever Lara Jean is the third book in the series To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. In the first book Lara Jean has written a love letter for every boy she has ever loved and poured her heart out on paper. The letters are just for her and a way to get over the heartbreak of the boys she has loved but when her letters are posted Lara Jean’s life is turned upside down and she ends up in a messy love story.  From the first book the story expands and Lara Jean discovers who her one true love is, I was surprised when this character was stepping out as a real contender for Lara Jean’s heart. However it didn’t take long to warm up to him and his charm.

 If you are interested in reading this series this is the point to turn around because I can’t talk about this book without mentioning HIS name and it is a spoiler!

Go back while you still can!




The final instalment looks at Lara Jean’s final year in school and she has so much to look forward to with prom, the class trip and beach week before heading off to college with Peter. All is going as planned until Lara Jean gets some unexpected news and it makes her future plans very complicated.

Always and Forever Lara Jean was the perfect ending to this love story. Not just for Lara Jean but also for the side-line characters in the book. Jenny Han not only manages to write a plot with two main characters falling in love but she gives the reader a handful of personalities to cheer for. From the first book I have loved Lara Jean’s feisty little sister Kitty and how she is a strong and independent voice for being just a child. What’s refreshing in this series is that Kitty remains a fiery character and as the story progresses she grows into an even stronger and determined young woman.  I also really like Lara Jean’s dad and his partner Trina as they try their best to support the girls growing up and from the first book despite their dad being a loving father who tries hard to do right by his children it’s obvious with his job and other responsibilities that he is finding it tough.  Finally I want to mention Peter who is just a charming gentleman in the story even if I didn’t like him immediately in the first book. He just appears as a cocky, funny, high school jock but eventually Lara Jean brings out his loving and caring side and you can’t help but like him. As their romance blossoms throughout the series it’s easy to cheer for them as a couple and see how they are great for each other. They bring to the relationship their different personalities and bring out the best in each other and I can’t help but love the cheesy, sometime cliché, romantic elements to this book.

Up until this book arrived in the post I was in a reading slump but I had been looking forward to reading Always and Forever Lara Jean for so long that I had to read it immediately. I binge read this book and couldn’t get through the pages quick enough. It is a quick read and easy to get through in a couple of days but if you have already invested time into the first two books it will be easy to pick this up and fall back in love with Lara Jean’s world.

I gave Always and Forever Lara Jean a 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads as it was the perfect ending to this series however I would love to read more of this story. It would be great to read more about Lara Jean and Peter and their college days, so fingers crossed in a couple of years Jenny Han will add to the collection as I don’t think I’m ready to let it go completely.


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