The Siren – Kiera Cass

The Siren

My very first book by Kiera Cass was The Selection, a completely addictive story about a girl called America and her experience in a competition to marry Prince Maxon. Even thinking about this book makes me want to break out the series and start all over again. It was a quick read with a fast paced plot and characters that you grow to love. A few weeks ago I realised I hadn’t read the latest two books in The Selection series and after scouring my local library I concluded that they weren’t there. Instead I picked up The Siren by Kiera Cass and decided to see if it had the same appeal.

The Siren follows Kahlen a young girl who falls victim to the sea after a ship wreck.  After pleading for her life she makes a deal with the ocean to serve for a hundred years meaning Kahlen belongs to the ocean and must bring her humans as a balance in nature. Although Kahlen can walk on land and be amongst people, she can’t talk to them. For if she speaks to another human her voice attracts them to the waves where they meet their end. When Kahlen meets Akinli her job becomes more difficult because she likes him and he can’t stay away from her. This means he is in constant danger because her voice is a poison but as long as she doesn’t speak to him she can keep him safe.

I found this plot intriguing and particularly because Kiera Cass gave the ocean a voice. It was interesting to see how she portrayed the ocean in an almost maternal figure to her girls. Not only that but with the mythical aspect of Sirens and their powers I felt the relationship to the ocean added an extra quality to the story. This plot captures the horror of shipwreck and the unique perspective of the Sirens as they witness what they do. Within the group of girls there are a range of ages so I found it interesting to read the differing views of the girls from the experienced to the new members and how Kiera Cass had given them human feelings.

As much as I loved Kahlen and Akinli’s relationship I felt it was very cliché and predictable. I loved this world Kiera Cass had created and the Sirens characters that I would have enjoyed the book to focus more on them.  Romance is a given in nearly all books but an unusual topic such as Sirens and their dedication to the ocean would have highlighted this book more for me. The side story in this book about the girl’s background, their families and their culture added to the individuality of this plot too and I just wish there had have been more development on this part of the book.

I gave The Siren a 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads because I liked how unique the book was. I haven’t read a book about this topic before and I loved how different it was. I also really liked the characters but I wish there had have been more development on the girls rather than just Kahlen.



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