Eve – Anna Carey


I’ve had this book on my shelves for quite some time and I can remember buying it after seeing it featured on a booktube account. Eve is about a character of the same name and her struggle to make a life for herself after a deadly plague wiped out most of the world’s population. Eve is sent to a boarding school with others girls where they are taught about self-health and the dangers of men. She is a smart student and is preparing for graduation when she finds out the truth of what lies ahead for her and her fellow classmates. They aren’t headed for jobs in the New America but instead headed for a much darker path. When Eve learns the truth she runs away trying to save herself and promising to come back for her friends.

When I heard about this book a few years back I knew it was a twisted read because of what happens to the girls, however I expected a little bit more from this book. I feel like it started well but wasn’t a strong plot throughout. I also never developed any strong feelings for the characters and I hate to admit it but I started to find the protagonist Eve a little irritating. Once again I feel like this book missed an opportunity to develop the exciting and dark part of this book into more of a storyline and instead it took the route of a background love story. The storyline itself has a rollercoaster effect as it seems to have elements of the plot that are filled with tension and action and then it lulls again. One particular part of the story gave me a Peter Pan and the lost boy’s vibe and personally I think it deterred the main plot. I know it was there to fulfil the girl’s teachings that men are dangerous but I feel it brought the story to a halt. When the girls finally leave the camp the story picks up again only to do a full circle and leave the action behind towards the end.

With regards to the characters as the plot grew I found Eve a little infuriating as she seems to breakdown easily and depend a lot on others. It also seems that no matter where Eve ends up, other people get hurt trying to protect her and this is harsh but I don’t fully know why. Throughout the book Eve is being hunted by a very important figure in the book but for the people that sacrifice their lives for her I don’t fully understand why they do it. I don’t think there is a lot of time spent building relationships between the characters and yet as a reader I’m expected to believe others will risk themselves for Eve.  As the plot progresses she also doesn’t seem to realise the gravity of the situation she is in and puts other in danger without thinking. My favourite character in the book is Arden as she is a strong, smart and independent figure that is determined to reach a safe place. She is also little fiery in how she speaks and acts adding a little spice to the plot with her dialogue and actions.

This was a fast read and I only took a few days to finish the book. If I am completely honest I don’t know if I will continue with the series. I hate not finishing a plot completely though so I think it will be one of those books I will pick up if I spot it in a shop. I just won’t be going out of my way to order it online or hunt it down. I gave Eve a 3 out of 5 stars on Goodreads because I really think this book has promise, I just hope the story is explored more in the next book.


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