Weekend Reads #106


Happy Friday Readers!

Here in the UK this weekend is a Bank Holiday, a chance to get off work and make some plans. Every year at this time we set aside the weekend and spend time with the family which involves taking a trip. This time we’re off to the north coast of Ireland and the beautiful Donegal and I am hoping for some good weather because I want nothing more than to sit in the sun and read. I’m part of an active family that loves to explore so no doubt we will be visiting some wonderful places over the weekend but if I can help it I’ll be making a dent in my current reads.


This weekend I have packed two books that have been on my TBR for the past month and they are Cress by Marissa Meyer and Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo. Both books belong to series that I have started but never finished and I can remember loving the stories in both books. This year I want to focus on finishing series that I have started but I find it so difficult when there is such a long period of time between release dates. Sometimes it can be too easy for the book and the plot to disappear into the dark depths of the book world. I have to be honest and the reason I am returning to these two series is because of a discussion with a friend. Sadly if I hadn’t have been talking about them I wonder if and when I would have returned.

ruin and rising

Well readers I am off to enjoy the weekend but before I go I haven’t told you the best part of Bank Holidays… FOUR DAY WEEKEND. Yes that is right! Most people in the UK get Monday’s off too and as I am one of the lucky ones this will definitely be a dedicated reading day.

Have a great weekend!


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