Romantic Reads

  Once again the most romantic time of the year comes back around, love is in the air, chocolates and roses are on shop shelves and everywhere is decorated in red. There is no escaping the holiday of love, everywhere you look the world is drowning in chocolate hearts and cards but for those of … Continue reading Romantic Reads

Hello 2018!

  Well hello 2018 and aren’t you a surprise! After 26 years, 6 months and countless minutes I am always shocked how quickly time goes by. We’re already into a new year and I can’t believe I am looking once again at the books I read last year and the ones I am hoping to … Continue reading Hello 2018!

Daily Reads #75

Hello Readers, So this week hasn’t started out the best for me as I spent this morning at the Doctors, I’m ill and on antibiotics but I should be back to normal in no time. I’ve heard of so many people being ill the past few weeks that I’m not surprised it has finally caught … Continue reading Daily Reads #75