Favourite Reads of 2016

Hello Readers! It’s midweek and there's only a few days to go until the weekend. It is finally time for my final 2016 flashback post and I am going to look at my favourite reads of the previous year. I don’t have an all-round favourite read for this year so below are my choices with … Continue reading Favourite Reads of 2016

May Wrap Up and June TBR

Hi Readers! So it’s time to wrap up another month and I always find it hard to believe that another one has flown by. Days seem to just roll into another at the minute and I barely see them going by. One minute I feel like I’m sitting at the side of the bed ready … Continue reading May Wrap Up and June TBR

Daily Reads #75

Hello Readers, So this week hasn’t started out the best for me as I spent this morning at the Doctors, I’m ill and on antibiotics but I should be back to normal in no time. I’ve heard of so many people being ill the past few weeks that I’m not surprised it has finally caught … Continue reading Daily Reads #75