Emotion Market – Dimitris Chasapis

I was asked to read this book in exchange for an honest review and as soon as I heard about the plot I was interested. It looks at a discovery made by Caroline Emerson who has created the ability to manipulate emotions such as reducing jealousy, increasing love and confidence. Anything you can think of … Continue reading Emotion Market – Dimitris Chasapis

Daily Reads #83

Happy Monday! So I know there’s usually nothing to be happy about on a Monday as it marks the start of a new week and 5 days of work ahead before the weekend but you can’t help what’s ahead of you and unfortunately Monday’s will keep on coming. The bright side is that we have … Continue reading Daily Reads #83

Weekend Reads #75

Happy Friday Readers! I love to see this day of the week arrive, there's only a few hours until the weekend is officially here. As with most weekends I am working this Saturday however I always have my evening and Sunday to make the most of the weekend.  This weekend I don't have many plans … Continue reading Weekend Reads #75