Daily Reads #56

Well today is an interesting day to start the week on as where I work it is the last day of summer, last day of madness and it holds mixed emotions. Not only this small fact, but it’s also the last day of August meaning a monthly wrap up post will be up at some … Continue reading Daily Reads #56

Daily Reads #55

So Monday rolls around again and it’s back to work. I don’t mind too much because I have an exciting week ahead. I’m going with my friends to see All Time Low on Wednesday at Belsonic which will be awesome; I can’t wait to have a fun night out with great people. On top of … Continue reading Daily Reads #55

Daily Reads #45

Happy Monday Readers, An unusual thing to say I know as how many Mondays are really happy with heading back to work and the start of the daily routine, waking up early and making lunches. This week however is one of a kind as its Bout of Books #13 and theres nothing I love more than … Continue reading Daily Reads #45