Weekend Reads #67

   Happy Weekend Readers!! I hope your week has gone smoothly and with little stress, it's always nice to see Friday approaching because not only is there a sense of relief that the weekend is upon us but there is also that feeling of accomplishment that we've made it through another week. Once i finish … Continue reading Weekend Reads #67

November Book Haul

   Book bans are definitely a thing of the past for me, however in saying that I haven't bought many books this year. Then on Saturday I ventured out to a book fair and may have bought more books than I expected, not to mention I then came home to a pile of book in … Continue reading November Book Haul

Weekend Reads #52

Dear Readers, Happy July! A ridiculous amount of time has passed without me posting and I have no excuse other than work and home life taking me hostage. On that note Nala has settled in well and is still the cutie-pie she was at the start. On a stranger note she gets on surprisingly well … Continue reading Weekend Reads #52