Motivation for the Month

Hi Readers, Like many of you I am always motivated and ready to tackle my TBR at the start of the month but it isn’t long until life comes along and swallows up your free time and carefree thinking. I always try to make time for reading because I know it’s the few times of … Continue reading Motivation for the Month

Motivation for the Month – May

Bout of Books #13 Starting of this month is the return of Bout of Books. Bout of Books 13 kicks of on Monday the 11th and finishes on Sunday the 17th of May. In this time period the main aim of the game is to read as much as possible. It's a great motivation booster and a read-a-thon I … Continue reading Motivation for the Month – May

Daily Reads #31

Once again, Monday has come full circle and we are all trekking back to our desks in work. I will never fully understand or accept the concept of the weekend being so short, why was there no fair divide down the middle between the working week and the weekend. This week as far as reading … Continue reading Daily Reads #31