Weekend Reads #77


Happy Friday Readers!

I am particularly happy this week as I am currently sitting at home with a big mug of tea and typing this post. I am off work today as I need a day to gather my thoughts before tomorrow when I will be on the move from first thing in the morning.


So this weekend I am pretty busy but as usual I am hoping to spend some time with my books. I have been non-stop churning out reviews and posts over the past few days so keep looking out for them over the next week. I finished two books this week and I am hoping to continue reading Reawakened, the Once Upon A Time story by Odette Beane. I love this book, it is very similar to the TV show but it is nice to have a different platform to follow this story on.


Sticking with the Once Upon A Time theme I also accidentally downloaded the book Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell and trust me it was an accident, all I wanted to do was at it to a list and accidentally clicked the ‘Buy with 1-click’ button which I should have realised all those years ago would have been a mistake to set up. However now that I own this book much earlier than expected I suppose I may read it and since my favourite character in Once Upon A Time is Hook I want to continue in this realm.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and keep on reading!


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